Exeter University took over The Hyde last weekend for their club tournament. Full details are attached Uni Exeter Singles Tournament Results

Exeter University Tournament

Cutting Edge Tree Care Finalists 2016
A packed weekend of 32 players saw a very close set of groups battle it out to get to the quarter-finals. Of the 16 pairs only one pair failed to win a match, and poor old Brinson was a little injured to be fair. Being the first weekend of half […]

The Cutting Edge Tree Care Doubles 2016

Gundry Doubles Winners 2015
Another epic doubles tournament (latest finish ever?) has been and gone, and despite our professionals’ best efforts Lucian Hand once again emerged the victor – this time paired with the ever improving and bouncy Stephen Grier. It seemed they might be in trouble as early as the group stages as […]

The Gundry Doubles

Chaffyn-Grove Finalists
Yet another fantastic long weekend of food, tennis and questionable doubles pairings! 37 and a half souls battled it out for a place in the quarter finals on sunday afternoon and when the dust settled the line up was as follows: Stephen Grier and David Hay v Bob Waterhouse and […]

The Chaffyn-Grove Doubles 2015

Four matches reached their conclusions on this wonderful day of tennis at the Hyde last weekend (30th August). To start with the Palmer Trophy Grade B kicked us off, and what a curious match it was. A slightly jaded Nicky Milton (see saturday night) walked on court against a pumped […]

Club Finals Day. (Club Fish and Chip Day)

The Montagu Cup Finalists 2015
The Montagu Cup (Generations Cup) saw the largest ever field this year, with the younger generation age ranging from 8 years to 45. The group stages were tight affairs as the Handfords, Miltons, Hands, Knoxes, Dawes, Nortons, Turvills and Blackburns met each other in round robin groups, but it was […]

The Montagu Cup

The cutting edge doubles 2015
Tristram FitzGerald became the new sponsor of the February Doubles this year with his company ‘Cutting Edge Tree Care’. Tris not only supplied two fantastic lunches over the weekend, but also managed to get into the semi-finals with his partner Stephen Grier before the wheels fell off against the ever-present […]

The Cutting Edge Doubles

Mark Mathias, a local boy (about 100 meters from the club) pictured to the left here with Levi Gale having won the Palmer Trophy at the club. Mark Mathias has been the leading player of the club here in Walditch for a number of years now. With a handicap of […]

An Unsung Hero – Mark Mathias

The Chaffyn Grove Doubles Finals 2014
Our season’s first handicap doubles tournament took off with a massive explosion as we saw the biggest entry for any tournament this club has ever witnessed. The were young folk everywhere as the Nicky Milton, Jamie Day and Ivo Trice all managed to make it through to the semi finals, […]

Chaffyn Grove Doubles 2014

Kallin Davies and Simon Corfield
A great finals day occurred on the 31st of August where we saw the winners emerge for the Clark Cup, the FitzGerald-Rose Bowl and the Palmer Trophy. Kallin Davies and Simon Corfield were the victors in the Clark Cup as they snuck past Dave Pengelly and James Handford to secure […]

Club Finals Day – 31st August 2014