The Chaffyn-Grove Doubles 2015

Yet another fantastic long weekend of food, tennis and questionable doubles pairings! 37 and a half souls battled it out for a place in the quarter finals on sunday afternoon and when the dust settled the line up was as follows:

Stephen Grier and David Hay v Bob Waterhouse and Peter Evans. David had slogged his way all the way over from Sussex to play on friday and then risked his usual marital bliss to forge his way over on Sunday again. What he encountered was an unreasonably fierce handicap as he and Stephen tried to cope with a 30 owe 30 deficit. It was a valiant effort, and they managed to save 12 match points before succumbing to the unlucky thirteenth.

John Pearson and Joy Hennessy, who had made light work of their group on the Saturday almost made it to 7 all against Chris Huxley and Peter Newey, but narrowly lost to a tight 40 all game.
James Wilson and Jeremy Milton, who had started the day in disastrous form by losing 0/6 in their first match, managed to win their group and faced Geraint Thomas and John Mackenzie. Their dreams were shattered in short order though as our chairman and the Welshman blasted their way through to a swift 8/1.
It was a pleasure to see young Jack Handford (11 years old) make it to the quarter finals with Brishendra Dutt, and for most of the match they looked like they might dispatch Lucian and Terry Hand, but ultimately fell 7/8 in the tightest game of the day.
The first semi-final saw Bob and Peter Evans take advantage of the long running time of the tournament as Peter Newey seemed to hit a wall, having bounced around like a spring chicken earlier in the day. It was close but 8/5 in the end.
The Hands continued to grow in strength. Only just squeaking through their group stage and the subsequent quarter final, they showed their full potential in a decisive 8/2 victory over Geraint and John.
By the time we had all reached the final the Hands were flying. Not only were they charging around the court as if they had just begun, but Peter and Bob were showing signs of weariness. At times the Hands would even discuss tactics which alarmed a number of people (is that allowed! 🙂 In the end they won 8/4 despite the marker’s best efforts and another CGD drew to a close.
Thanks go to Susie and Katie who were ever present and provided lovely food throughout!