Club Finals Day – 31st August 2014

A great finals day occurred on the 31st of August where we saw the winners emerge for the Clark Cup, the FitzGerald-Rose Bowl and the Palmer Trophy.

Kallin Davies and Simon Corfield were the victors in the Clark Cup as they snuck past Dave Pengelly and James Handford to secure the title in the third set. The first pair managed to turn up a full hour earlier in intense preparation!

The FitzGerald-Rose Bowl saw the title wrested from Mark Matthias and Clive Thurtell’s hands as the awesome pairing of Levi Gale at the back and Jeremy Taylor taking the net resulted in a swift victory in two sets.

The Palmer trophy was won by Mark Mathias this year. After having lost it last year to Neil Mackenzie he was keen to regain his title, but Levi Gale was not going to lie down without a fight. Levi played one of the best sets of his life in the first set, only to narrowly lose 6/5. The second set was a little bit more comprehensive, but it was quite a spectacle for the crowd.