The Cutting Edge Tree Care Doubles 2016

A packed weekend of 32 players saw a very close set of groups battle it out to get to the quarter-finals. Of the 16 pairs only one pair failed to win a match, and poor old Brinson was a little injured to be fair.

Being the first weekend of half term the tournament was flooded with kids. Some played with their parents whilst others took particular pleasure in knocking their fathers out of the tournament.
The eventual winners of the tournament, Luke Kan and Kit Mallinson managed to knock out Luke’s step-father in the quarters and then go on to knock out Kit’s father in the semis!
The final saw Kit and Luke facing off against Stephen Grier and Clive Thurtell, but the handicap was 30 owe 15 one serve and banned tambour. As is so often the case, the banned tambour was playing havoc with the brains of the older team and even though they put up a fight, the youngsters prevailed 8/4.
Enormous thanks go to Tristram FitzGerald for the fantastic lunches and the support of the tournament via Cutting Edge Tree Care.
To wrap it all up Tony Rose, Clive Thurtell and Stephen Grier all managed to tie on the number of Grilles hit, so they had ten balls each to see who would come out on top…. Only one was hit by Clive Thurtell out of thirty, so some work needs to be done!
Cutting Edge Tree Care Finalists 2016