Night Pennant Rules

Current Night Pennants


A point will be awarded for

  • Each set won

  • Every team member that turns up

  • Every substitute organised by the team*

  • Overall win on the night, decided by

    • Most sets won

    • Most games won

    • Most team members

    • Grille competition**

Final rounds Qualification

Qualification for the final rounds will be determined by

  • Most points won

  • Head to head result

The number of match nights for the final rounds will be determined by the group size, and will be on the night pennant schedule at the start of the tournament.

Final Rounds

Points will be awarded for each set won only. If this is a tie, the overall win will be determined as above.


If a team is able to find a substitute themselves (ideally of similar handicap), they will notify the pro team in advance of the match so the team sheets can be adjusted accordingly. Ideally 48 hours notice. The team will retain their participation point. Points are retained to a maximum of the number of team members.

If a team is unable to find a replacement, the pro team will endeavour to do so, but the team will lose the point for this player. Please give 48 hours notice if you are unable to fulfill your fixture.

If the pro team is unable to find a replacement, and one of the pro’s has to play, a charge of a singles match will be made against the player unable to attend. This is a token charge to cover the pro’s time.

**Grille Competition

Each player shall get 3 balls. Self feed off at least 1 surface that isn’t the floor from behind 5 yards. Highest number of hit grille’s wins. If it is still a tie, each player gets 1 ball in turn (equal number of attempts per team) until a winning team can be determined.


All other situations shall be decided by the pro team at their discretion. The pro team decision shall be final.