Night Pennant Honours

The Night Pennant is a regular series of internal club competitions played on Wednesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year.


M. Brinson/R.Holloway


D. Lockhart/C. Thurtell/M. Brinson - 20th Anniversary

P. Rodgers/J. Parker

G. Thomas/A. Clark

M. Brinson/R. Clark

V. Suter

J. Pengelly/C.Thurtell/A.Clark


J. Hennessy/J. Milton/R. Clark

A. Clark/R. Clark

J. Hennessy/C. Newall

D. Pengelly/J. Pengelly/C. Thurtell

G. Thomas/J. Pengelly


M. Brinson/P. Rodgers/J. Hennessy

G. Mallinson/J. Turvill

J. Hennessy/Jane Milton

D. Pengelly/J. Mackenzie

J. Pengelly/S. Corfield


C. Thurtell/J. Ryan

M. Sheldon/P. Evans

D. Pengelly/S. Corfield

S. Grier/N. Milton

R. Holloway/J. Mackenzie

S. Grier/D. Lockhart


J. Hennessy/K. Mallinson/E. Buck

J. Mackenzie/M. Brinson/I. Potter

D. Lockhart/L. Blackburn

J. Day/O. Day/P. Evans

S. Grier/B. Vanier

M. Brinson/S. Weston/E. Buck

J. Pengelly/A. Carless

J. Hennessy/S. Weston/P. Lockhart-Smith

J. Mackenzie/S. Corfield


G. Mallinson/R. Oldham

J. Pengelly/D. Pengelly

M. Holloway/J. Milton/P. Evans

J. Brodie/Pengelly

S. Lamb/J. Pearson/I. Potter

J. Brodie/A. Clark


A. Carless/S. Corfield/M. Piers-Taylor

C. Thurtell/B. Vanier

C. Huxley

D. Lockhart/J. Mackenzie

M. Brinson/C. Huxley/P. Lockhart-Smith

J. Mackenzie/M. Campbell

M. Mathias/D. Lockhart

C. Weston/S. Corfield/E. Buck

M. Brinson/C. Huxley/T. Hand


FitzGerald/J. Turvill

L. Gale/C. Sundt

Harding/I. Potter/M. Piers-Taylor

FitzGerald/J. Turvill

M. Brinson/D. Pengelly/A. Brown

T. Rose/B. Dickinson

M. Brinson/S. Corfield/I. Lancaster


C. Thurtell/S. Kilcoyne

B. Dickinson/I. Potter/I. Lancaster

T. Rose/D. FitzGerald

I. Potter/Harding

T. Fletcher/B. Dickinson/M. Brinson

T. Rose/D. Broadley

A, Everitt/Harding/B. McGowan


D. FitzGerald/S. Kilcoyne

S. Kilcoyne/R.Clark/E. Buck

D. FitzGerald/J. Pengelly

E. Buck/ A. Brown

D. FitzGerald/Jeremy Milton/A. Everitt

J. Mackenzie/T. Fletcher/A. Carless


C. Thurtell/N. Mackenzie

S. Grier/A. Brown/E. Buck

D. Lockhart/C. Thurtell/J. Pengelly

J. Mackenzie/J. Allen/M. Brinson


T. Rose/ D. FitzGerald

A. May/B. Dickinson/E. Buck

M.Mathias/A. Barrett/M. Brinson