Court Prices

Court Prices

(as of 17th May 2021)

Prices are per 30 minutes per person

Singles - £5

Doubles - £3

Solo practice - £10

Marking - £2.50

Guest Fees - £1


Junior Singles - £3.50

Junior Doubles - £2



Prices per 30 minutes

Adult Lesson with Pro - £17.50*

Adult Hit with Pro (uninstructed) - £15*

Junior Lesson - £12.50

Junior Academy - £6**

*Adult Lesson/Hit prices are for the whole court, regardless of the number of players. However there is a minimum charge of £4 per person for numbers above 4.

**Available at weekends for all Hyde junior members, for more information see our Juniors page.

All Hyde members have access to our online booking system provided by the T&RA. If you are a visitor wishing to book a court, please get in touch using the details at the bottom of the page.

Courts are completely flexible. If you wish to have a 30 minute lesson or hit, followed by 30 minute solo practice you can book exactly that. You can also book 30 minute lessons before/after matches.

Recommended court lengths are 60 minutes for lessons, 90 minutes for Singles, 120 minutes for doubles.